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New Zealand

Radio Science in New Zealand
Radio astronomy, ionospheric research and tracking station for rocket launches in Southland.

New Zealand Spaceflight Association 
A non-profit organisation, which exists to promote an informed approach to astronautics and related sciences.

A New Zealand designed and built satellite preparing for launch. KiwiSAT will carry amateur radio communications and a scientific experiment in small satellite altitude control.

Sir William Hayward Pickering 
A New Zealand born rocket scientist who headed the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California for 22 years. He was a senior NASA luminary and pioneered the exploration of space.


International Space Development Conference
An annual conference well-worth attending if you’re a space enthusiast.

X Prize Foundation
The prize that kick-started the private space industry. The Foundation is now offering an array of prizes to stimulate technological break-throughs in other areas.

Wikipedia: Space Tourism
A useful introduction to the newly-formed space tourism industry.

Virgin Galactic
The innovative new space flight line launched by Sir Richard Branson.

Scaled Composites
An aerospace and specialty composites development company behind the SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo designs.

A start up space transportation company based in USA.

Space Adventures
The first company to launch tourists into space.

An astounding abundance of space-related content from the world’s leading space organisation.
News and history of astronautics in the former USSR.

European Space Agency
An organisation with 17 member states dedicated to the exploration of space.

Australian Space Research Institute
An Australian organisation aiming to develop and advance space science and technology.

Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants
A consultancy supporting space technology businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

Aussie Invader
Aussie Invader World Land Speed Challenge team headed by the ‘Fastest Aussie on Earth’, Rosco McGlashan OAM, are building their new Land Speed Record vehicle featuring 300,000 horses of LOX / JP5 rocket power.
International space news and articles.

Space Daily
Daily space industry news and articles.

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